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13 Concerning Things That May Become Law if Pence Becomes President After Trump Impeachment

There’s a lot of talk these days about hopes that Donald Trump will be impeached. But, while a) I share that hope, and b) there seems to be increasing chances it will happen, there are many, many reasons to be gravely concerned at the prospect of Veep Pence becoming President.

Pence is not an erratic, unhinged narcissist like his boss, but we do run the risk of normalizing his equally extreme conservative agenda, that he could likely get passed through a GOP majority Congress pretty easily.

Alternet put together a list of 50 terrible Pence/GOP ideas from the 2016 Republican platform that could become law should he take over the Oval Office from Trump. Here are a few of the more mind-blowing:

1) Deregulate the banks: “The Republican vision for American banking calls for establishing transparent, efficient markets where consumers can obtain loans they need at reasonable rates based on market conditions. Unfortunately, in response to the financial institutions crisis of 2008-2009, the Democratic-controlled Congress enacted the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, otherwise known as Dodd-Frank.”

2) Repeal environmental laws: “We call for a comprehensive review of federal regulations, especially those dealing with the environment, that make it harder and more costly for Americans to rent, buy, or sell homes.”

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