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35 Top Psychiatrists on Trump: He’s a “Psychiatric Frankenstein Monster”, “We have an ethical responsibility to warn the public.”

Psychiatrists from across the country are sounding off on their concern over Donald Trump’s mental health. According to the Independent, 35 psychiatrists met at a Yale conference to discuss his “dangerous mental illness”.

At Yale’s School of Medicine last week, Dr. John Gartner said “we have an ethical responsibility to warn the public.” Gartner who works with Johns Hopkins Univeristy Medical School has issues warnings about Trump’s mental state in the past, calling him a “psychiatric Frankenstein monster.”

The group of psychiatrists said that he suffers from a malignant case of pathological narcissism and he’s a threat to our country and the world.

In addition Gartner said, “he is paranoid, delusional and grandiose thinking and he proved that to the country the first day he was president.”

Dr. James Gillian from New York University said he was very disturbed by Trump’s behavior despite his work with convicted criminals. He said “I can recognize dangerousness from a mile away.”

While some are arguing that those in the conversation have crossed an ethical line, the group said Trump’s mental health is too great to stay silent. It’s good to see some people speaking out and we can only hope others follow.

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