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7-Minute Michael Cohen Recording Released For First Time, Profanity-laced Screaming Threats to Protect Trump

Audio recordings have been published for the first time of a profanity-laced threat Michael Cohen made to a reporter who was putting together a story on Donald Trump.

The 2015 Daily Beast interview has been widely talked about, but the recording have never been released, until now. You can hear the entire conversation below…

“Mark my words for it, I will make sure that you and I meet one day over in the courthouse and I will take you for every penny you still don’t have, and I will come after your Daily Beast and everybody else that you possibly know,” Cohen said. “Do not even think about going where I know you’re planning on going. And that’s my warning for the day.”

“Michael, besides the warning, do you have a substantive comment that I can include in the piece that reflects your views on this?” I responded.

“I have no views because there’s no story,” Cohen said. Hear this segment of the recording below…

The legal threats continued.

“So I’m warning you, tread very f***ing lightly because what I’m going to do to you is going to be f***ing disgusting. Do you understand me? Don’t think you can hide behind your pen because it’s not going to happen.” Cohen said. “I’m more than happy to discuss it with your attorney and with your legal counsel because motherf***** you’re going to need it.” Hear this segment of the recording below…

“I think you should go ahead and write the story that you plan on writing, I think you should do it because I think you’re an idiot. Alright, and I think your paper is a joke,” Cohen said. “And it’s going to be my absolute pleasure to serve you with a 500 million dollar lawsuit like… I did to Univision.”

Yet, we are supposed to believe this isn’t a man who could have been behind the physical threats given to Stormy Daniels in the parking while with her child? Yeah, right.

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