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8 RNC Staffers STUN the GOP with THIS Move Against Trump…They Will NOT Stay Silent!

The list of people disavowing Donald Trump and the Republican party keeps growing daily.  Politico  reported yesterday that at least 8 RNC Staffers have resigned due to their discomfort with the Party’s nominee for President.

The report says that deputy press secretary James Hewitt, spokesman Fred Brown, director of Hispanic media Ruth Guerra and research analysts Lars Trautman and Colin Spence have left in recent months, and all claimed Trump was the main reason for their departure.

“Personally I wasn’t comfortable working to elect him,” Spence told Politico.

Three other staffers have followed Hewitt, Brown, Guerra, Trautman and Spence out the door of the RNC as well, bringing the total to 11 that have left since March of this year.

The report also says that “multiple former staff members, speaking on condition of anonymity, say there are significant misgivings among RNC staff, many of whom feel deeply loyal to the Republican brand and see Trump as something of an interloper.”

Trump’s complete and total dismantling of the Republican Party is on display for the world to see now.  They spent years creating this monster, and now it’s destroying them.  Good work, GOP.

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