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After Nearly Dying on The Table: “Obamacare Saved My Life – Trumpcare May Have Killed Me”

We hear stories everyday of how Obamacare has saved someone’s life. Today, it’s from a man named Bruno Moore. On the heels of yet another Republican healthcare attempt, Moore penned a beautiful article about his recent near death experience and what could have happened to him without Obamacare.

Moore had to have a pacemaker installed at the University of Florida Shands Medical Center. He was born with a condition called Tetralogy of Fallot and was scheduled to have a procedure to shock his heart back into regular rhythm. Things took a turn for the worst as he describes in his article:

“But I went from easy-going cardiac patient to flat-lining on a procedure table faster than a Donald Trump Twitter Tirade. I woke up to a 200 lb nurse named Scott doing chest compressions in a Star Wars scrub top. (He would forever earn the nickname Star Wars). A week later and I was homeward bound; pacemaker installed and Near Death Experience behind me.

Had it not been for the Affordable Care Act, things may have been more bleak. Without insurance – if I could have been treated at all – the price tag would have been staggering.

When the bill finally arrived, I saw just how much Obamacare does for the middle class.”

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 10.23.31 AM

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 10.23.40 AM

His bill dropped from over $94,000 to less than $1,000!

The ideas pushed by Republicans that only illegals and lowlifes are benefiting from Obamacare is ridiculous. Hardworking people like Moore are saved by it everyday. EVERYONE deserves access to affordable healthcare and the Republicans need to accept that. Read Moore’s article here.

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