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Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron Just Humiliated Trump at G7 Summit

If one thing was clear about Donald Trump’s agenda at last week’s G7 Summit, it’s that he was intent on picking fights with the leaders of our closest allies, all in an effort to attack the Iran Deal and get Russia added to the G7 . However, it seems he didn’t have a whole lot of luck in those regards, as the G7 leaders were on to his charade and were quick to deny him.

Here’s what French President Emmanuel Macron, who has put Donald Trump in his place over international diplomacy matters before, had to say at the G7 about Trump and the Iran deal:

“You’re not comfortable with an agreement signed by your predecessor, maybe just because it was signed by your predecessor, but don’t stop others from respecting it and don’t push Iran to leave, because that’s the best protection we have today.”

However, it was German Chancellor Angela Merkel who perhaps dealt the biggest blow to Trump when she posted the photo below to her Instagram account, which shows how she feels about Trump. The look in her eyes and disgust on her face says it all, folks.

For the most part, the leaders of our country’s closest allies have been civil to Donald Trump while settling in, in order to prevent any unnecessary international incidents. However, now that he is settled and has begun attacking them with insults in true Trump fashion, it appears the gloves are off. It’s as if they’re finally at wits end with Trump’s ridiculousness, are done playing nice, and are beginning to speak out against him.

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