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Another White House Scandal Erupts, Forces Another Trump Official to Resign

Trump’s time in the White House has been nothing but one disaster after another, and this week has been no different. Another Trump official has been pushed out the back door in another panic move thanks to the newest scandal to grace the White House.

David Shulkin, the VA Secretary, has been called to resign after Americans found out he used taxpayer money for an extravagant personal trip to Europe and then tried to cover it up. He refuses to resign, but unfortunately the scandal will not die down. Chief of Staff Vivieca Wright Simpson is now retiring to try and take the heat off of this situation.

Reuters reports, The report, released on Wednesday, said Shulkin improperly accepted tickets to the Wimbledon tennis tournament during a government trip to Europe last summer and that his chief of staff made false statements and altered an email so the government would pay travel expenses for Shulkin’s wife.

“VA will continue to review the IG report and its recommendations in more detail before determining possible additional personnel accountability actions,” it said in Friday’s statement.

The inspector general opened the investigation after receiving an anonymous complaint accusing Shulkin of misusing travel funds because the trip to Europe, which cost at least $122,344, was more personal than business.

Shulkin will most likely not survive this scandal, but he’s not the only Trump cabinet member to take an extravagant trip with taxpayer money. Trump has had to force out HHS Secretary Tom Price over the same type of thing.

The list of White House resignations continues to grow and most of them are exiting under a cloud of scandal. Michael Flynn, Sebastian Gorka, Reince Priebus, Ezra Cohen-Watnick, Sean Spicer, Anthony Scaramucci, KT McFarland, Steve Bannon and several others.

Trump swore he would drain the swamp and hire the best of the best, but clearly that didn’t happen.

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