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BREAKING: Trump Gets NAILED with Unexpected Lawsuit After Staffer Does The Unthinkable!

Donald Trump’s campaign for president seemingly took another hit today, as news out of Charlotte, NC is that a lawsuit has been filed against the campaign due to a Trump staffer allegedly pulling a gun on another staffer.

The lawsuit was filed by Vincent Bordini, who claims he was a former Trump campaign staffer.  Bordini says he was riding in a Jeep with Earl Phillips, the Trump campaign’s former North Carolina State Director, when he says Phillips pulled out a gun and placed the barrel on his knee.

Bordini claims he mentioned this incident several times to higher ups in the Trump campaign, and nothing was ever done about it.

The following statement was released to WCCB by Phillips “I have retained legal counsel. I have also stepped down from all affiliation with any and all organizations associated with Donald J. Trump for President to include the campaign and National Diversity Coalition for Trump.”

Is anyone even remotely surprised that people involved Trump’s campaign would pull a gun on someone?

This is a pretty bad look for a campaign still stinging from the backlash over Trump’s comments allegedly inciting gun violence against Hillary Clinton.

You can read the entire lawsuit here:

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