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Buckle Up: Tomorrow is The Day Mueller Sends Shockwaves Through Washington

A lot of people seem to mistakenly believe that popular vote loser Donald Trump isn’t really in a criminal scandal because nobody in his circle has been arrested and hauled off to jail. In less than 24 hours, that’s all about to change.

As you already know, Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and deputy campaign chairman Rick Gates were arrested late in 2017, but they have both avoided prison thus far. Mueller gave Gates a plea deal, which means he’ll likely go to prison for many years, but for a shorter period of time for his cooperation. He also won’t be sentenced until Mueller is finished using him in the investigation.

Former White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn also cut a plea deal, which means he too will be going to prison, but hasn’t been sentenced yet.

So, what is it about Friday that’s going to be so explosive with Mueller’s investigation? People are starting to go to prison. Specifically, Paul Manafort is expected to go to prison. It’s even being said that he should “bring his toothbrush” to the hearing, as he’s expected to be hauled off immediately.

Manafort was recently caught tampering with the witnesses against him, which was the catalyst for the  new arraignment scheduled for Friday

To put this into perspective, we have now reached the point in Mueller’s investigation where the very guy who ran Donald Trump’s campaign is going to be sent to prison for illegally conspiring with a foreign government. That changes everything in the eyes of the public, which is not a good sign for Donald Trump. The court of public opinion is extremely important in politics, particularly when it comes to getting reelected.

Not to mention, the Michael Flynn and Rick Gates plea deals (plus the expected plea deal from Michael Cohen, who is now cooperating), will be much more significant in terms of how it affects Donald Trump’s future.

The general public will now be forced to watch the President of the United States’ very own people be put in prison, which is a political disaster for Trump.

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