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CNN’s Jim Acosta Flusters Sarah Sanders Into a Massive Admission About Trump on Live TV

Sarah Sanders made what is perhaps her biggest slip of the tongue to date yesterday while fielding questions from White House reporters about Andrew McCabe stepping down from the FBI.

She was asked by CNN’s Jim Acosta if Trump or the White House has pressured anyone, including Mueller and his team, in regards to the investigation into alleged Russian collusion during the election. Sanders had answered a variation of this question several times, then became visibly flustered and blurted out the following admission:

“The only thing the president has applied pressure to is to make sure we get this is resolved so that you guys and everyone else can focus on the things that Americans care about,” she told reporters. “And that is making sure everybody gets the Russia fever out of their system once and for all [and] that you’re all reminded once again there was no collusion.”

Watch Jim Acosta explanation below about what just happened…

Trump is expected to speak with Robert Mueller in the coming weeks, but Sanders says Trump has gone “above and beyond” what is necessary to ensure the Justice Department has had everything needed to appropriately conduct its probe.

“The White House has provided over 20 witnesses and tens of thousands of pages of documents to the special counsel,” she said.

For someone to literally admit that pressure was in fact applied by the president to “get this resolved” is nothing short of stunning. So stunning in fact that it now gives Robert Mueller yet another avenue to explore in his obstruction of justice case against Donald Trump.

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