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Cohen/Trump Attacks Michael Avenatti, Then He Reveals Bribery and Cover-up Allegations

Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti sure has been busy as of late, and as far as legal battles are concerned, he is leaps and bounds ahead of the legal team representing Donald Trump and Michael Cohen.

In fact, he’s so far ahead of them that they are now fighting dirty and desperately reaching in hopes of getting him thrown out of the battle altogether. Unfortunately for them, Avenatti has tactfully struck back, making them wish they had never stooped so low.

In a motion filed on Friday, the Trump-Cohen legal team asked the judge to remove Avenatti from the case, on the grounds that he’s “demonstrate[d] his lack of fitness to practice before this court.”

However, according to former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti, the motion is a “Hail Mary at best” and has about a zero percent chance of succeeding.

Essentially, it’s nothing more than a minor bump in the road. Sure, it may slow Avenatti down a bit, but only long enough for him to go to court and get it dismissed. However, before even fooling with that, Avenatti has already responded to the motion, an in a truly epic fashion might I add.

Shortly after the motion was filed, Avenatti tweeted this: “Why is Mr. Cohen’s attorney Mr. Ryan representing Mr. Cohen at the same time he is working for Qatar? Especially in light of the Qatar bribery allegations revealed earlier this week? Are they paying MC’s legal bills? No wonder he is trying to keep me out of the case!”

In other words, Michael Avenatti has now exposed Michael Cohen’s lawyer’s real conflicts of interest to the general public. And in an odd turn of events, it sure seems as if Donald Trump’s attorney’s attorney is now in need of an attorney.

You just can’t make this stuff up, folks. Needless to say, the motion has already backfired, and the Trump-Cohen legal team is more than likely regretting its decision to file it in the first place.

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