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Conservative News Outlets Panic, Say There’s a “New Way to Remove Trump without Impeachment?”

Progressives have been wondering just how long it will take for the impeachment and removal of popular vote loser Donald Trump to occur since long before we was ever sworn in. After all, there are scandals ranging from “alleged” Russian collusion, to now the accusations from adult actress Stormy Daniels’ lawyer suggesting that Trump has had indiscretions during his time as president.

Michael Avenatti — the lawyer representing Stormy Daniels — indicated on CNN that some of the accusations made by Daniels happened during Donald Trump’s presidency.

“Is there anything in the litany of accusations — you would call them facts — that surround this case that happened while Donald Trump was President?” CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Michael Avenatti, in which Avenatti replied “Yes”. When Tapper asked if he could elaborate, Avenatti simply said “no.”

Conservative news outlets like Great American Politics are now hilariously sounding the alarms about how Trump could be removed from office without impeachment, in an article titled: ‘New Way to Remove Trump without Impeachment?’

“So, how can they possible get rid of Trump?

‘Me too’!

Several women tried to prevent Trump from winning the election by making sexual allegations against him, but Trump denied the allegations and believed they were handled since no hard evidence was ever presented.

Now that the ‘me too’ craze is causing several members of Congress to resign suddenly, over a dozen women have banded together to make sexual allegations against Trump and immediately, some Democrats in Congress began calling for Trump to resign.

Trump has responded by saying that the allegations are not true, they’re fake news and he denies all of the allegations.

So, who will Congress believe – Trump or his accusers?

If Trump is guilty, then Democrats need to be reminded how they vehemently defended Bill Clinton and refused to vote him out of office during his impeachment hearing. I’m not condoning the behavior, but right now, Trump is the best thing that could happen to America and we need him in the Oval Office.”

There is so much wrong with that statement I don’t even know where to start.

So I’ll leave you with this: Someone who honestly believes Donald J. Trump is “the best thing that could happen to America” is so afraid that his years of being an accused serial sexual deviant are going to get him removed from office.

Sounds to me like the “me too” movement could be the best thing that could happen to America.

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