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Democrats and Republicans Just Cleared The Path From Robert Mueller to Devin Nunes

Last week, two separate but equally intriguing news stories broke by major outlets NBC News and CNN, and if there happens to be a link between them, Congressman Devin Nunes should be very worried.

First, it was NBC News reporting that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is considering indictments for the hackers and leakers involved in the Trump-Russia scandal:

“These new charges rely heavily on intelligence gathered by the CIA, the FBI, the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and target a different group of Russian actors than those indicted last month, according to NBC.

A possible new indictment would include details on the Russian intelligence operation that released emails stolen from both the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, NBC reported. Democratic emails made public through website Wikileaks factored heavily in the 2016 election, embarrassing Democrats and adding fuel to the Trump campaign.

¬†Sources told NBC News that Mueller has long had sufficient evidence to make a case, but has been waiting for a strategic moment.”

Then, it was CNN addressing the most recent antics of rogue Congressman Devin Nunes, reporting that Senators from both sides of the aisle are now pointing fingers at Nunes for having allegedly done more obstructive leaking than previously believed:

“Sources on the Senate Intelligence Committee suspect that House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes and his staff were behind the leak of Sen. Mark Warner’s text messages with a lobbyist for a Russian oligarch.

But Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr denied The New York Times report Thursday that the committee had concluded that the House Intelligence Committee Republicans were involved in the leak of the text messages to Fox News.

Burr said Thursday that he and Warner had met with House Speaker Paul Ryan simply to give him an “update” of their investigation. But a source familiar with the matter said that the two raised concerns about some of Nunes’ tactics while meeting with him about their inquiry. Burr and Warner for months have been privately and publicly distancing themselves from Nunes, who has become a polarizing force within the House Intelligence Committee.”

Considering Nunes himself leaked some of this weeks ago, it’s interesting that this news of additional leaks would go public all of a sudden. It could be sheer coincidence, but something tells me there’s more to it, and that there is a link we just don’t know about yet. Why else would both parties join forces in these additional accusations just as Mueller is moving in on indicting the leakers?

Should we expect Nunes name to be included in those indictments? It’s difficult to say, but it certainly appears the opportunity has presented itself. I suppose only time will tell.

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