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Donald Trump and Michael Cohen Just Had a Disastrous 24 Hours, Mountain of Evidence Discovered

Tuesday was a very bad day for popular vote loser Donald Trump and his fixer, Michael Cohen.

Barbara Jones, the special master for the Southern District of New York’s investigation of Cohen reported that 300,000 documents had been provided to prosecutors last week.  On Wednesday, it was reported that an additional 1 million documents and records from 3 different Cohen phones will be handed over to prosecutors.

Of the massive amounts records, only 252 have been identified as privileged or highly personal, so prosecutors will certainly be sifting though the rest with to uncover what Michael Cohen has been up to for the past few years.  Needless to say, Cohen is feeling the pressure now more than ever with this latest development.

But it gets worse for Trump and Cohen…

Michael Avenatti revealed on Twitter that The Wall Street Journal sat on a story about Trump and hush money right before the election:

Cohen said: “See below. 1) the WSJ had the story in the closing days of the campaign but sat on it and 2) Mr. Davidson lied to them and conspired with Mr. Cohen in 2016. This is why we have demanded to see all of Davidson’s docs for mos and will sue if need be. #Basta”

The Wall Street Journal denies the allegations: “The claim we held any reporting regarding Stormy Daniels is false and outrageous. In fact, the Journal broke the news of the $130k payout to her, arranged by Michael Cohen.”

The interesting part here is two fold:

1. Davidson’s claim that “I have not now, nor previously represented anyone adverse to Donald Trump”, which is no true.

2. The fact that the conversation with the reporter was forwarded to Michael Cohen, which can be seen in the attachments.

The fact that this was forwarded to Cohen just a few days before raises some serious questions as to the seemingly secret relationship between Davidson and Cohen.

Michael Cohen has some explaining to do, which only adds to the disastrous last 24 hours Trump and Cohen have had.

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