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Donald Trump panics, Gives up in front of the entire world at G20

This weekend at a joint G20 appearance with the President of Argentina, Donald Trump literally wandered off the stage in the middle of things, leaving everyone confused. The entire situation was very unnerving for those involved, but it’s even more complicated that originally thought.

He’s wandered away from his motorcade, joint press conferences, signing ceremonies and other meetings in the last several months, each time making those around him question his mental state. His staff have had to chase after him and do damage control.

This time was a bit different.¬†Trump’s mic was still on when he left the stage and he was picked up saying “Get me out of here.”

Unlike the other events, Trump seemed very aware of his leaving. He was simply giving up. Perhaps he’s finally cracking under the pressure of the Trump-Russia scandal and his failing presidency.

If this is any indication of his current mindset, it appears he’s just going to give up trying all together.

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