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Donald Trump Plummets His Presidency to an Embarrassing New Low

On Wednesday, popular vote loser Donald Trump held a listening session on the topic of gun violence in schools.  He will surely raise some eyebrows with his comments about arming teachers, but the headline grabbing the most attention revolves around the small piece of paper Trump was holding throughout the meeting:

That’s right, the Washington Post captured this close-up of Trump’s notes, illustrating what they call Trump’s “empathy deficit.”

The President of the United States has to have notes reminding to be a human being, capable of emotion.

“I hear you.” It’s a comforting and incredibly self-aware thing to say to people in a serious conversation. It’s also something you shouldn’t need a note to remind you of.

Other phrases that can be read on the note include “what would you most want me to know about your experience?” and “what can we do to make you feel safe.”

Donald Trump has consistently put his ineptitude on full display to the world throughout his campaign and through his first year of presidency. Moments like these remind up that Donald doesn’t have the ability to be a real president to the American people, and his handlers know it…it’s why they had to give him a note card with basic human responses written on it.

The headline that Fox News went with about the note card is: “Trump holds thoughtful listening session on gun violence, but liberal media harps on his note card”

The reality is that this is just another reminder that Trump is out of touch with reality and out of touch with other human beings.

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