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Dr. Sanjay Gupta Calls Out Trump’s Doctor on Live TV For His Report

Popular vote loser Donald Trump finally subjected himself to a physical examination by a “doctor” so the American people could rest assure that he is in great health and will be around to embarras our country for several more years.

Popular Doctor Sanjay Gupta is calling out the report, pointing out that there are health concerns for Trump that this report did not publicly address.

“To be clear though, he is taking a cholesterol lowering medication, he has evidence of heart disease and he is borderline obese,” Gupta asked Dr. Ronny Jackson, who performed the exam “Can you characterize that as excellent health?”

“I would say the dose of his cholesterol medicine is very low… If we [change] the diet and exercise, I just don’t think that he has much room to do anything else,” he remarked.

No, Dr. Gupta, you cannot. The man is clearly not in great shape. His diet and lifestyle are not those of a healthy person, by his own admission. He stays in bed watching Fox News and Tweeting until late in the morning, eats garbage fast food and drinks mountains of Diet Cokes a day.  And walking to and from the golf cart hardly makes the man an athlete.

You can watch Dr. Gupta question Dr. Jackson below…

Of course, Trump Jr. wasted no time taking to Twitter to brag about the results of the test, but he’s overlooking the fact that the cognitive test that Donald Trump took is hardly an accurate test to determine his mental fitness to be President of The United States.

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