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Economy crumbling is Obama’s fault, because he grew it 7 of his 8 years in office

For some strange reason, CNN keeps having Rick Santorum on segments to talk about politics. Really, we’re listening to this guy?

On Wednesday, during an interview on New Day and in one of his strangest assertions yet, Santorum said that former President Barack Obama had “strangled the economy,” which in reality grew seven of the eight years he was the President.

The statement came as Santorum was sympathizing with President Donald Trump’s frustration at the Federal Reserve for raising interest rates.

“I know it’s frustrating to him to see the Fed prop up the Obama economy for eight years at zero interest rates as Obama’s tax and regulatory policies strangled the American economy,” Santorum noted. “And as soon as Trump comes in and un-strangles the economy, well the Fed comes in and tries to tighten it.”

“It looks like under Obama, the Fed was all for propping up this big socialist gambit that Obama was pushing,” the former senator (R- SC) continued. “And now that we have a strong market-based president, it seems like the Fed is doing everything they can to constrain growth.”

Of course, as with most Republicans, facts don’t matter, because actually in the eight years of Obama’s presidency, only the first one saw negative economic growth due to the Great Recession, which was a nice gift left for him by the Bush Administration.

Here’s a handy chart that Santorum might consider referencing before his next interview, showing that the economy grew for seven straight years under Obama.

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