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Everyone Missed The Obvious: Trump Just Threw His Son-in-Law Under The Bus

If you missed the news yesterday, Jared Kushner’s temporary security clearance was officially revoked by the White House. Although this news isn’t all that surprising based on the recent chain of events, it is somewhat intriguing because of its ramifications, as it means Kushner can not fully perform his duties as senior adviser.

However, what’s most intriguing about this move is the sudden motivation to make it. Why would Trump allow this to happen to his own son-in-law out?

While the exact reason is not clear just yet, when you think about it, there are likely only two explanations here, so allow me to speculate:

As much as Trump likes to flex his pretend political muscle, the truth of the matter is he has little if any remaining. Why else has Kushner’s security clearance scandal carried on for so long? Is it possible Trump finally realized he couldn’t strong arm his way through this scandal (even though technically, he could…he’s the president…he makes the final call), and decided that selling out Kushner was the only way to make it disappear?

Or, what if Trump has reflected upon the recent happenings involving Michael Flynn, Rick Gates, Steve Bannon, Hope Hicks, and Paul Manafort — some of his most trusted peers who have proven to be keen on saving themselves in the Trump-Russia scandal — and has realized Kushner could be next in line to do the same? What better logic could he use to turn the tables on Kushner, beat him to the punch, and throw him under the bus first?

While we wait for answers to those questions and for any subsequent clarity as to why Trump would suddenly make this move, it is worth reiterating that with FBI and DOJ only makes recommendations about security clearances. Donald Trump could have granted permanent security clearance to Jared Kushner a long time ago, but he never did. Regardless of what his tipping point was, whether fear of a plea deal or other, he clearly reached it this week. It will be interesting to find out what pushed Trump over the edge.

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