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Expert Points Out “Proof” Trump & Russia Coordinated: “These Guys Are Sunk”

What might collusion between the campaign and administration of popular vote loser Donald Trump and the Russians look like, practically speaking?  Well, beyond just Russians interfering with the election to help Donald Trump and hurt Hillary Clinton, it’s likely related to the bipartisan sanctions on Russia that Trump refuses to enforce.

In other words, Russia helped Trump and Trump is helping them by not enforcing the sanctions.

Seth Abramson explains on Twitter: “BREAKING NEWS (and further proof that, as predicted, Special Counsel Bob Mueller is closing in on a sanctions policy-for-money/aid Trump-Russia coordination plot):”

CNN article referenced above…

(Below is an aggregation of the analysis explained by Seth Abramson on Twitter)

2/ Note: Kushner knew *full well* that receiving covert financing from the Russians was dependent upon the sort of friendly relationship with Russia—as evidenced by a pro-Russia foreign policy—he sought to cement by building a relationship with Kislyak and Putin’s banker, Gorkov.

3/ Kushner’s bizarre attempt to give Putin a secure backchannel to his dad via a Kremlin-held SCIF now makes *perfect* sense, as do all the lies he told about what he discussed with Putin’s banker, Gorkov. And remember Eric and Don’s comments on how Russia finances the Trump Org.

4/ The idea that Mueller would put the screws on Jared for secretly exploiting the Trump campaign’s foreign policy for financial gain *without* seeing the trail lead to Trump Sr. is—frankly—hilarious. The chance Jared was messing around with U.S. policy but *not* his dad is zero.These guys are sunk.

5/ While this particular CNN story is about Qatar and China, keep in mind that Don and Eric have made clear how much the Trump Org relies on Russian investors—and that Jared lied about multiple Russian calls and meetings. So: *today*, Qatar and China; soon enough, Russia as well.

6/ Particularly I want to call attention to the differing stories Kushner and Putin’s banker Gorkov told about why Kushner smuggled Gorkov into Trump Tower during the transition. The differing stories reveal Jared’s attempt to cover up a discussion of possible business financing.

7/ Moreover, why *did* Jared attend a meeting with Russian nationals in June ’16? Why *did* he fail to disclose it? Why *is* he helping uphold the lie that neither he, Don, nor Manafort told Trump about it? Why *is* he denying a Reuters report that he called Kislyak in April ’16?

Their ineptitude is what’s going to bring down the corruption…and it’s going to be glorious to watch.


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