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Families Trump Cheated Out of Money Tell Their Story, He Forced Them Out of Business

Trump spends a lot of time touting his business prowess, but if these reports are true, and the many similar ones already out there, then it’s pretty obvious that Trump built his wealthy empire on the backs of the small businesses he claimed to be “for” during his campaign.

One family’s story paints very well the picture of how Trump treats the little guy. Forest Jenkins was hired by Trump to do some work on Trump’s Taj Mahal in 1988. Jenkins was never paid for his work. His daughter, Beth Rosser, says “It’s 27 years later. I grit my teeth every time I see him on television blustering about what a wonderful businessman he is. He stepped on a lot of people.” CNN reports:

After years of fighting through bankruptcy court, the Jenkins ended up with just 30 cents on the dollar. Their company was owed $231,000, according to the bankruptcy claim filed in the case. The Jenkins family received $70,000.

The Jenkins family realized they weren’t alone. Dozens of contractors who had worked on the construction were also getting stiffed. One business owner, who spent years running a jewelry kiosk in Trump Tower, said that he spent years buried in litigation with Trump, and it cost him somewhere around $1 Million.  “I tried to stand up to him everywhere I could but it’s exhausting, and it’s silly. To him, it’s a sport. To him, it’s fun.”

Watch what some of the small business owners had to say…

There are likely thousands more people done wrong in business dealings with Trump. These are some of the ones who are bravely speaking out against Donald Trump.  Donald Trump’s presidency will not only be a foreign relations nightmare, as he’s already demonstrated, but clearly it will also be an economic/financial disaster, as this guy’s “business acumen” is largely a farce.

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