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FBI Just Dropped the Raid Hammer, Once Again

Following news that President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney and fixer Michael Cohen has been sentenced to three years in prison for charges related to tax and financial fraud, news has surfaced that another of Trump’s former attorneys has been raided by Feds.

On Thursday, Trump’s former Chicago tax attorney, Alderman Ed Burke, had his City Hall office raided by the FBI. This wasn’t the first time he has had his office raided by the bureau.

Chicago’s NBC5’s Carol Marin tweeted that Burke’s  office was “re-raided” by the FBI, for the second time since November 29.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported on December 10th that the FBI had also seized Burke’s cell phone. This same day, the Sun-Times also reported that the long-serving alderman’s  top political aide was questioned by the feds before the late November raid.

What does this have to do with Trump? Burke, who’s been an alderman for almost 50 years, did Trump’s property taxes from 2006 until 2018.

The old adage is true: Where there’s “smock,” there’s fire. (See what I did there?) 🙂

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