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Federal Judge Makes Kushner Ruling That Could Hand Robert Mueller a Massive Piece of Evidence

The Associated Press reported that a federal judge has now ruled that Kushner’s family company – which was once run by Jared Kushner – is not allowed to hide the identity of its business partners in numerous properties.

This spells trouble for Kushner, as it now means we are going to be able to see exactly who the business is truly being funded by, which foreign entities may be involved, and any potential political favors that may have been traded for personal gain.

The AP reports points out, A U.S. district judge in the state rejected the argument that the privacy rights of the Kushner Cos. partners outweigh the public interest in obtaining judicial records in a lawsuit before the court. The decision means the company tied to President Donald Trump’s son-in-law might be forced to provide a rare glimpse into how it finances its real estate ventures.

The ruling backed the argument by The Associated Press and other news organizations that the media has a “presumptive right” to see such court documents and the Kushner Cos. had not raised a “compelling government interest” needed by law to block access.[…]

In Friday’s ruling, the judge said these are not “frivolous concerns,” but the public’s right to know is more important.

“Increased public interest in a case does not, by itself, overcome the presumption of access,” Bredar wrote. “In fact, it would logically strengthen it, particularly when the interest is due to the presence of important public figures in the litigation.”

He added that he saw no reason to buck “the presumption, and tradition, that the Court conducts its business in the sunlight.”

We learned several months ago that Donald Trump blamed Kushner for pushing him to fire FBI Director James Comey, which was a decision by Trump that backfired tremendously. It resulted in the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, which is shaping up to be Trump’s very own version of Watergate.

We have also learned from a recent New York Time reports that Trump tried to have Mueller fired toward the middle of 2017, but there was push back and it never happened.

When you look at the timing of these events (the firing of James Comey and the attempted firing of Robert Mueller just weeks later), it would imply that Kushner was also part of the decision to fire Mueller as well and most likely encouraged Trump to try to make it happen. If Mueller can prove it, he’ll bust Kushner for a pattern of obstruction of justice.

Needless to say, things aren’t look great for Donald Trump or Jared Kushner right now.

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