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FOIA Request Reveals Ninety Page of Suspicious Voting Machine Errors in Major Swing State

When it comes to the election results in Michigan there are many unanswered questions. A Freedom of Information Act request has resulted in 90 pages of voting machine flaws in swing states across the country, but when it comes to Michigan, many details come to play.

The Michigan recount was shut down by the courts early on and was never completed even though Democrat-heavy districts were definitely targeted. This FOIA request confirmed the malfunctions in voting machines across the areas in question.

This brings a lot of other things into play, like the private email server inside Trump Tower. It only communicated with two Russian banks and a health care company in Michigan. That Michigan health care company was controlled by Betsy Devos, who eventually went on to be nominated to Trump’s cabinet.

Why did Russia, Trump Tower and a Devos led company in Michigan communicate during the election?

Why did Trump spend so much time in Michigan when he knew he didn’t really have a mathematical shot?

It’s very suspicious to say the least. Donald Trump had no real shot at winning Michigan, yet he pulled it off somehow.

How far does this election rigging go? Back to the primaries? Remember, Bernie won in a Hillary dominated area where she was up by 20 points, yet Bernie Sanders miraculously won, which certainly wasn’t from cheating on Bernie’s part. Perhaps this is all related in a ploy against hurting Hillary Clinton.

Something just doesn’t smell right.

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