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Four key swing states found to have suspicious activity involving Trump’s election victory

Immediately following the 2016 election, perhaps the one that stood out most about its stunning result was how Donald Trump somehow managed to pull off victories in each of the four swing states by roughly one percent each.

Some were even saying at the time that it was an anomaly, or statistical improbability.  Well, now, thanks to insight from the Senate Intelligence Committee, we’re beginning to see exactly how the suspiciously improbable became reality.

But before we get into that, let’s break that statistical improbability down by using a more practical analogy here. Say for example your bitter rival in any major sport enters into any one contest four times as the heavy underdog, yet somehow manages to pull off four straight victories, all by the exact same margin. Wouldn’t you find that a bit odd? Ok, now that we have that rhetorical question out of the way, it’s time to dive into how Trump was able to do just that in the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

The Senate Intel Committee released a bipartisan report which confirmed that Russian hackers gained access to voter registration data in key states, putting them in position to alter or delete voter registration data. Although most people have been of the belief that the hackers were able to break in on election night and rewrite the vote totals, it appears that wasn’t the case. Instead, the hackers were in well beforehand and had the ability to target just enough voters which could have allowed them to disrupt the registration data before those voters ever stepped foot into the booths.

The New York Times reports, “The United States still doesn’t know — and may never know — the extent of Russian interference in state election systems in 2016, according to bipartisan findings released Tuesday by the Senate intelligence committee.”

With that said, it’s entirely possible Russian hackers performed attacks on the 2016 election that altered the outcome of the presidential election.

If so, how were they able to do this? Well, considering there’s no possible way the Russian hackers could have known exactly what the results were going to be based on publicly available polling, this would only leave one possible accurate source of data to use: the internal polling results the Republican National Committee had compiled on behalf of the Donald Trump Campaign.

Hopefully we find out exactly what happened, but things get more suspicious by the day.

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