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Four Key Trump Officials Have Reportedly Decided to Quit in a 48-Hour Span

There’s a lot of activity in the the White House and it doesn’t appear to be positive, as several of Trump’s top officials have quit abruptly and one right after the other. In the past two days, four official, who are not connected to each other or the investigations into Trump, have decided to leave

  • This past Wednesday, CBS News reported that the White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her deputy Raj Shah are both preparing to resign. Sanders denied the report, but at the press briefing afterwards she did seem to be distracted.
  • Then the Wall Street Journal reported that White House legislative liaison Marc Short was also planning to quit.
  • Then it was reported that Trump’s assistant press secretary Kelly Love is leaving her position for a job in the Department of Energy, the White House announced Thursday

Sarah Sanders’ has a very difficult job that comes with a very high stress level. Let’s be honest here, being the White House Press Secretary means that you are going to have to be comfortable getting push back from the media constantly, which means means you are going to have to be less than truthful at times. Sad, but true for any presidential administration, so it’s no surprise that reports saying she wants out.

It has to be noted that all of these exits from the Trump administration were reported just hours after Michael Cohen reportedly indicated that he wants to cooperate with Robert Mueller.

Cohen has been acting very sporadically lately, even filing a restraining order against Michael Avenatti. With all of this movement in just two days, it will be interesting to see what plays out over the next week.

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