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Fox News Host Wishes For Terrorist Attack to Help Trump…WOW!

Fox News went further down the rabbit hole of violent and stupid comments on Wednesday, as the always insufferable Jesse Watters claimed that he was hoping for what he calls “an October Surprise!” that would scare voters into voting for Donald Trump.

Watters was referring to a terrorist attack or some kind of mass casualty that he perversely wishes upon his own country. He continued, “If there’s one more terror attack, maybe in October, this is gonna make Trump’s plan look a lot more appealing.”

You can watch the clip from Fox News’ “The Five” below…

We can at least give some credit to Watter’s co-host, Juan Williams, who was rightfully angered by Watters’ horrifying suggestion. “Oh my god! What wishful thinking! Anti-American! That’s unbelievable,” Williams yelled at Watters.  Watters then tried to backtrack asking “why would you say that that’s what I’m thinking? How dare you!”  Williams final reply was that it just sounds like desperation.

Desperation is, of course, the current rallying cry around the violent and terrifying turn the campaign has taken in recent weeks, and Watters is no different.  “Why would you say that that’s what I’m saying?” Well, Jesse, perhaps because it is EXACTLY what you just said?

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