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Friend of Michael Cohen Reveals Expected Action Against Trump From Cohen

Ever since Cohen’s home and office were (perfectly legally) raided by the feds a couple of months ago, many have wondered if there’s such an ample supply of incrimination against him there that he would flip on Trump in a major way to cover his own skin.

That could be even more likely, especially as we’ve watched the popular vote loser try and distance himself from Cohen.

New reports claim that someone familiar with the Cohen situation thinks that Cohen may about to “go nuclear” on Trump.

A participant appeared on with MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace chimed in with what they expect Michael Cohen to do next. One of the participants was radio host Donny Deutsch, who just happens to be a friend of Cohen’s, had some very interesting comments.

Deutsch says Cohen ia “very angry at this point.” After being asked if Cohen is more angry at Trump or at the government, Deutsch said “I think he’s angry with misguided loyalty… and I believe there could be some nuclear things coming.”

Deutsch didn’t go into detail about what he meant by “nuclear things”. However, it’s not hard to put together exactly what Deutsch meant. Clearly, he was talking about Michael Cohen cutting some type of plea deal that would not work out very well for Donald Trump.

After all, Cohen knows more dirt on Donald Trump than arguably any person on the planet. From shady business deals, to hush money payoffs, to the Russia scandal…Cohen knows. So, it wouldn’t be all that surprising to see the Feds offer him a plea deal to reduce his prison sentence, which looks to be coming his way.

Cohen’s business partner, who is referred to as the “Taxi King”, has now cut a plea deal and has agreed to spill his guts on what he knows about Michael Cohen. Needless to say, Cohen’s chances of winning at trial just went down significantly, which increases his odds of cutting a plea deal, if offered one.

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