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Game-Changing Report May Have Found The “primary co-conspirators in Trump-Russia coordination”

Buzzfeed has recently released a comprehensive and detailed account of popular vote loser Donald Trump and his campaign’s connections to Russia, called The Definitive Story of How Trump’s Team Worked the Trump Moscow Deal During the Campaign.

In it, they reveal many details and great scoops about Trump, Michael Cohen, Felix Sater and how they’ve all lied about how long into the campaign they worked on getting Trump World Tower Moscow built.  I know, Trump’s people lied – shocking.

But Seth Abramson thinks, despite all the great scoops, Buzzfeed is missing a bigger scoop that was right in front of them:

“2/ Here is the article, which would have 100% more scoops in it if its authors had talked to someone with Trump-Russia timeline expertise before publishing. (Article)

3/ Cohen’s statements on how he briefed Trump on the 2015 Trump Tower Moscow deal are already discredited. So we must go with what Sater says and assume Trump was getting periodic updates into summer ’16. Which means he was actively hiding Russia connections from American voters.

4/ But Buzzfeed has some great scoops. FBI agents saying Cohen was in touch with Russian actors involved in election interference? That’s yet another confirmation of a key Steele Dossier claim. It also suggests the ’15 deal may have been a front for Russian election coordination.

5/ My thread from many months ago about Felix Sater likely cooperating with the FBI on Trump-Russia was based on Sater’s own statements to friends and family that he was about to become internationally infamous and would likely go to prison over things he did relating to Trump.

6/ Here’s the main scoop here: Cohen is a Big Fish, not the small fry we thought. He may not simply be a means to get to Trump; he may be one of the *primary* co-conspirators in Trump-Russia coordination.

7/ But there’s another, I think equally big scoop: the chances Mueller has Sater in his pocket, and therefore (unbeknownst to him, yet) Cohen, and therefore Trump, are higher than we could have previously imagined. Sater looks to be a willing cooperator who is as yet unindicted.”

If Mueller has flipped Sater and possibly even Cohen (or at the least, has them cornered), he may be bringing the thunder against Trump sooner rather than later.

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