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George Bush Official Speaks Out on Suspicious Trump Money Trail

President Donald Trump’s inauguration is back in the news for some “light” corruption talk.

As federal prosecutors in Manhattan begin investigations into Trump’s inauguration spending, Greg Jenkins, who led the second inauguration for George W. Bush in 2005, sat down with CNN’s John Berman, and revealed what it is that is so fishy about Trump’s, stemming from the record breaking $107 million raised and the record breaking small amount spent:

“It’s about double what then-president George Bush raised for his second inauguration. You had a smaller staff and more events. What do you make about the Trump amount?” Berman asked.

“I can’t figure it out. They actually raised more than twice the amount that we raised. I think adjusted for current dollars, the amount we raised comes out to be about $54 million, which is quite a bit less. The two biggest costs are the events and staff. We had three times as many staff and four times as many events. So where that money went, I couldn’t tell you,” Jenkins said.

He went on to say that, “Most of the money came from donors. If I were a donor, I would like to know where that money went. I can’t explain it.”

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