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George Papadopoulos’ Wife Just Backed Trump Into a No-win Corner in Mueller’s Investigation

Remember George Papadopoulos?  Well, conveniently, popular vote loser Donald Trump doesn’t, apparently, despite hilariously irrefutable evidence that Papadopoulos was a close advisor to Trump and his campaign/administration.

Papadopoulos keeps talking, though, and keeps making things worse for Trump. Now, he’s even screwing up Trump’s potential plan to pardon himself and his partners in the Russian probe.

Robert Mueller allowed George Papadopoulos to cut a plea deal almost a year ago, which means he’s been cooperating with him for some time now. Mueller decided to file court documents about 2 weeks ago which revealed that Papadopoulos was being referred for sentencing, so we now know that Papadopoulos is headed to prison.

In the aftermath of Trump’s Twitter storm about threatening to pardon himself, Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos is now asking Trump to pardon her husband, George Papadopoulos. She even appeared on Fox News to make the plea.

Donald Trump has a tough decision to make and it ends badly for him either way…

1) Trump can go ahead and answer the plea of Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos and pardon her husband, or he can let him go to prison. If Trump does grant the pardon, it will set off a domino affect from other major players in the scandal. They will immediately ask for pardons for themselves, which will set fire to legal battles over whether Trump is in fact allowed to pardon people in his own investigation, including himself.

2) If Trump refuses to pardon George Papadopoulos after his wife has made it national news by going on Fox News to talk about it, it will send a clear signal to others in the scandal that Trump isn’t giving pardons, which will make deciding to cut a deal with Robert Mueller much easier, as they know Trump won’t save them if they stay quiet.

Trump loses either way.

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