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GOP Congressional Candidate Accused of Making Comments so Vile That People Are Threatening His Life

We spend so much time covering the massive corruption of popular vote loser Donald Trump and his associates that we sometimes miss stories about the rest of the insane happenings in the world.  This is one such story.

Christopher Barnett is a Republican candidate for Governor of Oklahoma and it seems that he proposed euthanasia for people on food stamps, who are too disabled to work, and the elderly.

Raw Story points out that a Facebook that appears to be from Oklahoma governor candidate Christopher Barnett, a poll was posted about food stamp requirements — and then made comments claiming euthanasia is a solution to the “issue” of the poor and disabled.

Tulsa resident Lisa Schwart posted the screenshots of the thread from the Chrisforgov campaign page that shares a name with Barnett’s campaign website revealed the comments.

“Most receiving food stamps work, or are disabled,” a user commented on the poll post. “Some are elderly.”

“The ones who are disabled and can’t work…why are we required to keep them?” the Chrisforgov account responded. “Sorry but euthanasia is cheaper and doesn’t make everyone a slave to the Government [sic].”

“Obviously, I’m not saying the Government [sic] should put these people down,” the Chrisforgov page went on to say. “I’m just saying that we shouldn’t keep them up.”

“If they can take care of themselves without Government assistance, great,” the comment continued. “If not, let them starve and die. Easy as that.”

The comments have been deleted, but the account admin says they “stand by” the remarks in the poll thread, and later in the day said that the conversation was “fun.”

Barnett told KFOR that he’s received death threats since the comments went viral. But he swears they aren’t his and someone is posting on his behalf.

“There are people saying they want to shoot me, they are going to assassinate me, they are going to shoot me, they are going to blow us up,” Barnett claimed. “I’m in this election. I’m not dropping out. They’re not going to intimidate me.”

It’s still not know if the Barnett’s page was hacked or a staffer posted the comments.

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