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GOP Leaders Panic Over Trump Impeachment Talk, Using Blackmail to Silence Congress

Donald Trump looks to be speeding down the path of impeachment faster by the day. I know it. You know it. Donald Trump knows it. Congress knows it. Most of America that isn’t completely blind knows it.

The problem seems to be that while Congress, even the Republicans, mostly agree that Trump is unfit for office, there are a few high ranking members in the party that are threatening their colleagues over the impeachment talk.

Scott Dworkin from The Democratic Coalition says  a source on Capitol Hill has told him “Republican leaders warning GOP Members of Congress to not talk about a Trump impeachment ever-in any way—or else”

When asked what the “or else” part was, Dworkin added “Looks like loss of funding.”

The key takeaway here is that Republicans are now threatening other Republicans over impeachment talks.

Why is that significant? Because it confirms that a growing number of GOP members are getting on board with impeachment proceedings, but the leaders at the top of the GOP are trying to silence them with threats.

Palmer Report explains further: While he hasn’t been named specifically, the ostensible culprit is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. He runs a Super PAC which has helped fund the election and reelection of a number of Republicans in Congress. He can threaten to cut off that funding in an attempt at keeping his own party in line. It’s believed that he used that tactic during the TrumpCare vote in the Senate. But as we all saw, it only partially worked, with three Republican Senators killing the disastrous bill by voting against it.

So now comes the question of how much longer the Republican leadership can essentially blackmail its own members into keeping quiet publicly about impeachment. It also raises the question of why someone like Mitch McConnell would be so desperate to quell such talk, even as he’s had his own problems with Trump. It’s almost as if Trump has some kind of dirt on McConnell, and he’s afraid Trump will tweet about it if impeachment does happen.

Congressional Republicans are running out of time to jump ship on protecting Trump and salvaging what little tiny bit of heroism they could have from it.

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