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GOP’s Clinton Foundation Conspiracy Theory Just Got TORN TO SHREDS!

A State Department Spokesperson has come to the defense of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation after it was widely reported that the former Secretary of State misused the Foundation in regards to her position in the department.

After two days of questioning, State Spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau told reporters that “The department’s actions under Secretary Clinton were taken to advance administration policy as set by the president and in the interests of American foreign policy,” and that “The State Department is not aware of any actions that were influenced by the Clinton Foundation.”

These statements came after two days of questioning after the release of emails showing a Clinton Foundation official reaching out to Clinton’s aides to promote a job applicant and put a wealthy foundation donor and businessman in touch with a senior State Dept. diplomat.

Trudeau continued by saying there was nothing irregular or unethical about this official urging Clinton’s aides to find a job for a someone who’s name was deleted from the Freedom of Information Act on security grounds.

Read more from the Politico report here.

Looks like the latest desperate attack on Hillary Clinton by republicans over her email activity and The Clinton Foundation is pretty much as baseless as the rest of them.

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