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Opinion: Here Comes a Truck Load of Robert Mueller Indictments We’ve All Been Expecting

The Trump presidency has been plagued with a trail of criminal activity and subsequent investigations. Many Americans are anxiously awaiting the final chapter of this saga as Special Counsel Robert Mueller wraps up his investigation, which looks like that may be happening sooner rather than later as Mueller closes in on Trump’s inner circle.

Former Trump adviser Sam Nunberg had several public meltdowns over the last week, which of course was all the mainstream media could talk about. The real story was happening behind the scenes where Nunberg was asked to testify before a Mueller grand jury. He was expected to answer questions regarding his communications with ten key members of the Trump-Russia scandal. This list is staggering.

The list includes:

  • Carter Page
  • Corey Lewandowski
  • Hope Hicks
  • Keith Schiller
  • Michael Cohen
  • Paul Manafort
  • Rick Gates
  • Roger Stone
  • Steve Bannon

Let’s not forget the most important one, Donald Trump himself.  Any number of these people could be on the hook for criminal indictments, and it wouldn’t be surprising if they all were.

It’s important to note here that grand juries has one main purpose…to hand down indictments.

Bill Palmer points out, “Prosecutors always turn indictments into arrests or plea deals. How long will this grand jury take? That’s up to them. We don’t even know how long this grand jury has been in action before Nunberg outed it. But the indictments and arrests you’ve been waiting for are coming. The clock is ticking.”

We expect Donald Trump to go even further off the rails as his paranoia and fear starts to ramp up in the coming days. He’s in an extremely bad spot and he knows it.

Buckle up, Trump.

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