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Here comes the Robert Mueller hammer…

Last week, Richard Burr, the Republican Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, announced that his committee had found no direct evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Clearly, this means nothing and was expected given the sham “investigation” the Republican led team ran. It was also a clear sign that Trump was giving a last ditch effort to paint himself in a positive light before Robert Mueller had a chance to lay it all out there, once and for all.

Senator Burr’s claims didn’t impact America’s views on this situation one bit. Everyone saw it for what it was. Burr did get a chance to see some of the classified and sensitive information, so odds are high he knew exactly what was about to come to light, therefore he knew he had to do something quick before he lost all of his “influence”. Right on cue, Mueller is coming out with the proof of collusion and more.

In a late day court filing, Mueller revealed that he has obtained proof that Roger Stone was communicating with WikiLeaks and Russia’s government hackers during the election. The sole purpose of their communication was to transport stolen information. Stone committed treason and odds are high that the upper level positions of the Trump campaign knew about it and participated in it as well.

There is serious evidence of Trump-Russia collusion. Donald Trump was undoubtedly not legitimately elected President of the United States. Mueller’s decision to reveal this proof now shows he is almost ready to take those responsible down once and for all. Judging by his near daily Twitter meltdowns, Trump knows the walls are closing in on him, fast.

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