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Hill Staffer Reveals New Targets of “multiple ongoing investigations by Mueller’s office/FBI and the DOJ”

Ever wonder why House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes (R. CA) has tried so hard to bury the Russia scandal?  Well, it’s probably to cover his own corrupt ass.

According to a bombshell new report, Nunes, his staff and all the Republicans on that committee may be the targets of investigations by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team.

Scott Dworkin with the Democratic Coalition says: “BREAKING: A GOP Hill staffer just told me she was instructed today to keep her distance from Devin Nunes, his staff and the GOP House Intel Cmte staff, because it looks like they are targets “of multiple ongoing investigations by Special Counsel Mueller’s office/FBI and the DoJ.”

Kevin Drum at Mother Jones comments:

Rep. Tom Rooney says the atmosphere on the House Intelligence Committee is “absolute poison”:

Rooney said one reason for the tension is an erosion of trust, exacerbated by an ongoing ethics investigation into the “entire Republican staff,” including “the woman up front that answers the phone” for alleged leaks. He later added that the matter was being handled by the Office of Congressional Ethics.

Leaks, you say? From Republican staffers? I am shocked.

According to Business Insider, Nunes is mainly under investigation for violating campaign finance laws:

Rep. Devin Nunes’ 2018 campaign is under investigation by the Federal Election Commission for accepting several contributions that may have violated the law, the Daily Beast and The Hill reported on Wednesday.

Nunes, who has made waves as chair of the House Intelligence Committee investigating Russia’s election interference, is running for re-election in California’s 22nd district.

In a letter sent to his mother, who serves as his campaign treasurer, the FEC requested information about two donors who allegedly gave more money to his campaign than individuals are allowed to contribute in a single race.

Each of the donors made several payments to the campaign that totaled $3,000 for each individual — $300 higher than the maximum allowed donation total for individuals contributing to a campaign, according to the FEC letter.

First, can we just talk about how hilarious it is that the letter was sent to Nunes’ mother?

Second, is anyone actually surprised by GOP corruption any more?

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