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Hillary Is CRUSHING Trump So Bad He’s Blaming a NEW Reason Why…He’s Delusional!

Donald Trump, whose campaign for President is quickly circling the drain, has figured why he’s failing all of the sudden.  It’s probably because his opponent is infinitely more qualified, right? Maybe because he’s said so many disgusting, crude, volatile and just flat-out incorrect things lately?

Nope. It’s because of the liberal media…he says.

You heard me right. Donald Trump again used the old cry-baby Republican standby tactic of blaming the media for his suddenly-in-trouble campaign.

Trump made the absurd claim, in a series of angry Tweets mostly targeting the New York Times, that if it were not for the “disgusting media,” he’d be up on Hillary Clinton by 20 points in the polls. 20 points, people!

This man’s delusion is reaching new heights by the day. Every day it seems Trump comes up with a new reason why he’s going to lose, and guess what, every one of these reasons features someone else to blame.

You think maybe it’s as clear to him that he is going to lose as it is to everyone else at this point? Mr. Trump, you have nothing to blame for your failed campaign except your own narcissism, racism, sexism, homophobia, paranoia and general sense of contempt for your fellow humankind.

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