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Hillary Just Received the ULTIMATE Confirmation She’s CRUSHING Trump in This Election!

Bastion of progressive thought and analysis Fox News (sarcasm alert) seems to have a few of their political analysts rightfully worried about Donald Trump’s slumping campaign.

When asked if it’s possible to change the pattern, Fox News political analyst and Washington Times editor Monica Crowley answered, “It is possible to turn it around, but time is getting very short. If these are the poll numbers we have, say, a month from now, in mid-September, then Donald Trump is in a world of pain.”

Conservative outlet The Wall Street Journal recently echoed these sentiments  as well.

Ever the delusional, Donald Trump suggested on Tuesday that “I actually think I’m doing good, you’re there, you’ve seen them; nobody’s ever had crowds like this,” indicating he believes the crowds at his campaign stops are the only measure of how successful his campaign is.

It’s like a doubling down on delusion, after recent comments on how Hillary is rigging the election and the reason he is going to lose is because of her cheating and the liberal media.

Allow me to help you, here, Mr. Trump: Your campaign is not going well right now. Hillary and the media don’t have to cheat in order to beat you right now.  Maybe it’s time to call it a day.

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