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Howard Dean Explains Devin Nunes’ Actions “might well be treasonous and land him in prison”

Trump’s scandals are spiraling out of control faster by the day. Everyone knows it, including Congressman Devin Nunes who has gone even further into a downward spiral himself. Nunes’ loyalty to Trump is concerning to say the least, but it will ultimately be his undoing.

Former Vermont Governor and DNC Chair Howard Dean is now explaining why we shouldn’t focus on Trump in the Nunes disaster. Nunes himself is a scandal, and Dean think Nunes is headed to prison.

Former FBI Special Agent and CNN analyst Asha Rangappa took to Twitter to point out the latest revelation that Michael Cohen and Michael Flynn had a meeting at Trump Tower with a businessman who has since bragged about bribing the Trump administration. Rangappa said Nunes was on the transition team so he would have known about this meeting. Then Howard Dean jumped in.

Dean said “Finally I get why Nunes is such a toady. It’s not about Trump. He is terrified of his own fate because of his role on the transition team which might well be treasonous and land him in prison.”

We’ve previously reported that Mueller seized all the transition team emails, which means he knows all the details of the members involved in these crimes. Nunes has been acting like a guilty man for awhile now and in the process he’s committed even more actions that are being called crimes. It is more than clear that this isn’t going to end well for Devin Nunes.

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