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It’s Now Illegal to Protest Against Trump, It Violates His “First Amendment Right”

Donald Trump has never been a champion of civil rights, and in fact, several people in his administration (we’re looking at you, Mr. Attorney General) have actively worked to oppress civil rights.  Now, one of the President’s attorneys argued in court last week that it is actually illegal for people to protest against the President.

The filing argues that citizens “have no right” to “express dissenting views” at Trump rallies, because it violates the President’s first amendment rights. The lawyers argue that the protesters “obviously interfered with the Trump campaign’s First Amendment right vigorously expressing their disdain for Mr. Trump,” which included chanting, holding up pictures of Trump’s face on the body of a pig and other messages.

This filing is in response to a judge ruling that Trump was responsible for inciting violence at a 2016 Louisville, KY rally in which three protesters were violently ejected from the venue after Trump riled the crowd up against them.

Trump’s lawyers are stalling, trying to get the court to reverse this decision. They argued:

Even if Mr. Trump implicitly instructed the audience to remove the protesters by using force if necessary, his speech was still entirely lawful and protected under the First Amendment unless he advocated a greater degree of force than was necessary under the circumstances. Absent that type of unlawful advocacy, Mr. Trump cannot be held liable for incitement. It makes no difference whether the crowd reacted with unlawful violence beyond what Mr. Trump advocated.

OK. Sure.

You’d think a lawyer that works as high up as with the President of the United States would know better. The first amendment protects both the President’s right’s to free speech (but that doesn’t mean there are no consequences to our words) as well as those of the protestors to assemble and protest.

Trump and his team are quickly trying to dissolve all semblance of Democracy in this country. The judiciary branch may be our last hope in protecting our great nation from becoming a fascist state, because the Executive branch is already there and the legislative branch is currently worthless.

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