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Immediately After Trump Says Mueller Will “Exonerate” Him…Mueller Makes Massive Announcement

Anyone paying attention at all realizes that Trump and his attorneys are living in an alternate reality and they’ve been living there for several months now, as they’ve been telling Trump the investigation will be over any moment now.

Mueller is getting closer and closer to handing out more charges and indictments, but Trump and his lawyers are convinced that Mueller’s investigation is about to wrap up and Trump will be exonerated “in writing” (as Trump puts it) which is laughable, to say the least.

Trump’s legal team is actually making him believe the fantasy of the investigation being over soon, which has been highlighted by numerous outlets across the country. Vanity Fair was one of the first ones to report the fact that Trump’s lawyers are feeding him the fantasy that it’s almost over, but why are they doing it?

Bill Palmer recently pointed out, “In fairness to the attorney, Trump is so screwed that it’s not clear that any attempted legal strategy would get anywhere. And Trump, being a narcissist, would instinctively rather have an attorney who tells him he’s winning, than an attorney who tells him he’s losing and wants to discuss how to minimize the inevitable bad ending.”

Clearly, Trump’s attorney isn’t even making an attempt to defend Trump at this point. Mueller is closing in and the writing is on the wall for Trump’s future, which Trump’s legal team has to know.

CNN points out that Trump is very boastful to his friends and close advisers about being cleared of any wrongdoing in the coming weeks, according to sources who hear the conversations from the President.

In fact, Trump is so convinced he will be exonerated that he’s telling his associates that Mueller will soon write a letter clearing him, allowing him to finally escaped the scandal cloud that has loomed over his presidency his first year in office.

Unfortunately for Trump, he’s going to be shocked and and likely burst into a total meltdown based on what was has been announced by Robert Mueller’s team.

Mueller’s investigation isn’t even close to being over…it could last another year.

The Washington Post points out, “People with knowledge of the investigation said it could last at least another year — pointing to ongoing cooperation from witnesses such as former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos and former national security adviser Michael Flynn, as well as a possible trial of two former Trump campaign officials. The special counsel’s office has continued to request new documents related to the campaign, and members of Mueller’s team have told others they expect to be working through much of 2018, at a minimum.

Multiple separate sources, who are familiar with the situation and Trump’s recent conversations about the investigation, say Trump has become completely convinced that he is going to receive a letter of exoneration. One of the sources said they were worried Trump would have a “meltdown” if that doesn’t happen.

“He’ll try and fire Mueller and then be impeached,” the person said.

When asked what White House special counsel Ty Cobb and Trump’s personal lawyer, John Dowd, are doing to try to keep Trump calm, the source said to CNN: “What they are trying to do is manage Trump. That’s what everyone tries to do.”

However, one of Trump longtime friends says he believes Trump’s lawyers have “lulled him into a false sense of security”, which is an absolute recipe for disaster.

“I’ve known him long enough to know that disappointing him is a problem and they’ve built up a level of expectations for him that are unrealistic,” the Trump friend said.

Trump is clearly panicked about this new development. How do we know? Because Trump has said absolutely nothing about it on Twitter. Trump has publicly proclaimed countless times that his investigation will be over soon, but now that Robert Mueller has allowed his team to announce it could go another year, the Twitter-in-Chief was quiet as a church mouse.

So, absolutely…Trump’s freaking out about this, and I’m sure his handlers are trying to figure out how to keep him calm.

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