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Insider Blows Whistle on More Actions That Suggest Trump Was Illegitimately Elected

On Wednesday, Christopher Wylie, the whistleblower whose claims about Cambridge Analytica shook the tech world over questions about private user data, told Congress that the company engaged in voter suppression efforts.

Wylie blew the whistle on Cambridge’s alleged misuse of Facebook data, and has now told the Senate Judiciary Committee that they targeted certain segments of the voting public to discourage and suppress their votes.

“Mr. Bannon sees cultural warfare as the means to create enduring change in American politics. It was for this reason Mr. Bannon engaged SCL (Cambridge Analytica’s parent company), a foreign military contractor, to build an arsenal of informational weapons he could deploy on the American population,” Wylie said, referring to Steve Bannon.

CNN reports that Wylie didn’t provide specific evidence of the voter suppression campaigns, but when asked by Sen. Chris Coons, D-Delaware, if one of Bannon’s “goals was to suppress voting or discourage certain individuals in the US from voting,” Wylie replied, “That was my understanding, yes.”

After the hearing, Wylie told CNN that although he did not take part in voter suppression activities, he alleged that African-Americans were particular targets of Cambridge Analytica’s “voter disengagement tactics,” which he said were used to “discourage or demobilize certain types of people from voting,” and that campaigns and political action committees requested voter suppression from Cambridge Analytica.

With the recent admission (finally) by the Senate that Russia interfered with the election and now information that groups like Cambridge Analytical were also involved in interfering with votes, is there any doubt left that popular vote loser Donald Trump is the most illegitimate president we’ve ever had in this country?

I didn’t think so either.

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