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Insider Gets Word to Media, Trump’s Interview with Mueller is Going to Be an Absolute Disaster For Trump

The will they/won’t they speculation about popular vote loser Donald Trump sitting down to interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been gaining a lot of steam in the last few weeks. So much so that Trump’s legal team has been staging mock interviews so he can practice his answer.

And it’s going about as well as you’d expect. According to reports, Trump took four hours (yes, four hours) to answer only two of the practice questions.

A CNN panel had a hay day with Trump after a report surfaced that he only made it through two practice questions in four hours in preparation for a testimony in the Russia investigation.

“Only two questions,” CNN’s Alisyn Camerota said. “In other words, look, the way you interpret this, there’s so much national security stuff happening the president can’t possibly be practicing and prepared for this kind of sit-down.”

We don’t know why the two questions took four hours, but according to The Wall Street Journal, it was number of things.

One source for the Journal said that Trump’s legal team could only work get through two questions, “given the frequent interruptions on national-security matters along with Mr. Trump’s loquaciousness.”

In the discussion with Camerota and John Avlon, they bothed laughed that it sounded like an “outtake” and that Trump likely had to take “regular breaks for … tweeting.”

“First of all, he is totally loquacious,” Avlon said. “He is not focused. Could two questions that are kind of contentious derail him for long periods of time? Sure.”

CNN’s Chris Cuomo said he couldn’t believe Trump would spend “four hours going over something that he’s not sure he wants to do.”

Trump’s going back and forth on whether he wants to talk to Robert Mueller, leading his lawyers to do everything they can to get him out of it, because you know beyond any doubt that they don’t want him to do it.  There’s no way he doesn’t perjur himself within 5 minutes of talking Mueller.

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