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Intel Sources Say Russia Used Blackmail Material on Jason Chaffetz, So He “Turned on FBI”

In case you haven’t heard, Jason Chaffetz announced earlier this week that he will not be seeking reelection in 2018 and will refrain from running for any office.  Due to the odd timing, this led many to wonder…is he’s looking to avoid a landslide loss in the midterms?   Or is this because of the bombshell of a scandal that is surfacing?  (Hint: It is most likely the latter)

Last week, it was reported by the Palmer Report that “according to an intel community source, the FBI has learned that Russia has “kompromat” blackmail material on Chaffetz and has been using it to keep him in line with regard to Trump’s Russia scandal.  The intel source comes by way of political pundit Louise Mensch, whose inside sources have a history of being correct about FISA warrants and other matters. Here’s how she phrases it: “Sources say there is kompromat on Jason Chaffetzl that this is why he turned and that FBI know it” (link). She does not go on to reveal what that blackmail material is, but the key phrase here is that “he turned.” 

Hmmm.   Based on this information, and considering the Republican Party should not need twenty months to find a replacement in a very red district, all credibility to the “afraid of losing” notion is practically thrown out the window, right?  Right.

Ok.  Now that we’re all in agreement, the only logical reason for Chaffetz to make this announcement at this time means there must a ticking time bomb on a scandal, and the only “fear” has to be in regards to its explosion.  Clearly, by taking himself out of the running now, he’s hoping whoever holds the detonation device will not be releasing it.

I suppose time will only tell if this is true, but…what’s to be expected next?  Will he finish out his term?  Will he resign next week?  Tomorrow?  And who exactly is holding the detonation device? Russia? The FBI? And which will come first…a resignation, or an explosion?

Well, we don’t exactly know the answers to these questions (yet, anyway).  However, I bet he does, and I bet we soon will, too.

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