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Investigative Journalist Blows Trump’s Qatari Bribery Scandal Wide Open with Photos and Video

Michael Cohen and Michael Flynn are both friends of Trump who have found themselves in the hot seat of Mueller’s investigation. One has cut a deal, but the other is not far away from doing the same based on the Washington rumor mill.

Turns out Cohen and Flynn are connected in ways the public never knew about. Specifically, both men held a meeting at Trump Tower with a man who claims to have successfully bribed the Trump administration.

Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti posted images that showed Cohen and Flynn meeting with Ahmed Al-Rumaihi at Trump Tower back in 2016. He is a former diplomat from Qatar and according to Aventatti, he’s admitted to “bribing administration officials according to a sworn declaration filed in court.”

You can see the video here, which is 9 hours long. However, a YouTube user has condensed the video down below to show some of the revealing moments:

Investigative journalist Grant Stern breaks it all down further on Twitter:

While we don’t know exactly what was happening during this meeting, we do know Flynn has already cut a deal. That means he’s already told Mueller all about his activities, including this meeting. If this meeting involved bribery, Mueller knows Cohen is guilty as well. Avenatti is clearly out to get Cohen and won’t stop until Mueller nails him for something.

Avenatti said he had to reveal this Trump Tower meeting because his warning was ignored when it comes to “the refusal of various parties to come clean and the failure of various parties and news outlets to stop with the personal attacks on our side.” He also issued another warning saying “keep pushing us”, suggesting this is the type of stuff that is going to continue to get revealed.

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