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Investigator finds video of Donald Trump allegedly making Russia admission from during election

There is literally zero doubt whatsoever that Donald Trump not only worked with Russian intelligence to help his presidential* campaign in 2016, but also that he is deeply involved with Russian businesses and has been throughout the entire campaign and likely his Presidency* as well.

Remember when Jimmy Carter had to put a peanut farm in a blind trust to be President?  Those days are long gone. Here’s video of Trump admitting to working on business deals with Russians during the campaign in a recent interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos.

After years of saying that he was never working with Russians during the campaign, he tells Stephanopoulos, at the end of this video, “it was more of a concept of a deal” as he bumbles his way through a defense of the Trump Tower meeting and continuously interrupts Stephanopolous with “No Collusion!” regardless of the topic.

Congress, do your jobs. It’s time.

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