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It All Makes Sense Now: Trump Exploded Because of What Mueller Was Just Handed

Other than the fact that he’s a gigantic baby that likes to throw temper-tantrums, do you wonder why popular vote loser Donald Trump was so angry and ranted like a fool on Twitter after the FBI raided the offices of his longtime personal lawyer, Michael Cohen? Well, wonder no more.

According to sources, Cohen was known for recording conversations with his billionaire president client and his other associates, and some of the tapes were seized by the FBI and are now likely in the possession of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, according to the Washington Post.

Of course, they’re not saying the seized tapes are of Trump for sure, but considering the fact that Trump is known to like to conduct business face-t0-face and via phone calls, there’s a VERY good chance that the “communications” seized by the FBI are of Donald Trump.

So, what next? Of course, attorney-client privilege will prevent the tapes to be admissible in court if Trump was simply making some type of confession to his attorney. However, there’s virtually no way the judge would have ever signed off on the seizure of communications between Trump and Cohen if he didn’t have a reasonable expectation that the evidence would reveal Trump and Cohen conspired together, which throws attorney-client privilege out the window.

Therefore, any admissible evidence is likely already in the hands of Robert Mueller.

So, Robert Mueller likely has the tapes of Trump and Cohen, and the judge who signed off on the warrant clearly believed the tapes may provide proof of Trump and Cohen conspiring together to do things that are less than legal. Why else would the judge sign off on it?

This situation is escalating by the day. Expect Mueller to bring charges of obstruction of justice soon.  Or expect Trump to try and fire Mueller soon.  Either way, it’s becoming clearer by the day that this isn;t going to end well for Trump.

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