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It Appears Even The Russians Are Cooperating in Trump/Russia Investigation

With each passing week, we are learning about new people cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller in his Trump-Russia scandal investigation, which has to make every involved in Trump’s corner extremely nervous. Perhaps the most nerve-racking cooperator of all has now spoken with Mueller and/or his team.

What you may not realize is Mueller may already have the information he wants from an unlikely source who has been chatting it up with him: The Russians themselves.

Donald Trump Jr.’s infamous meeting with Russian government representatives (where he sought to gather dirt on Hillary Clinton) has been a focus on Mueller’s, as has Donald Trump’s blatant attempt at covering up the real reason for the meeting.

Paul Manafort, and many others who attended the meeting, are still refusing to cooperate with the investigation. However, there is one unlikely source who is now handing Mueller extremely valuable information…the very Russians who attended the meeting.

This is very significant, because there is absolutely no reason for them to cooperate and they have no obligation to do so, so their cooperation with Mueller is happening only because they want to.

Bill Palmer points out, Some of the Russians at the meeting have now met with congressional investigators, according to a CNN report (link). Although details about Robert Mueller’s investigation rarely leak out, this means that these same Russians have almost certainly spoken with Mueller as well. They’re not U.S. citizens and they don’t reside in the United States, so U.S. investigators have little if any legal leverage over them – yet they’ve decided to cooperate anyway. Considering that the Russians in question all have relationships with Vladimir Putin, they wouldn’t be cooperating unless he wanted them to.

We still do not know what information was given to Congress and Mueller by the Russians, but the Russians obviously know full well that investigators are trying to use the details of their meeting to go after Donald Trump Jr. for conspiring with a foreign government and to nail down Donald Trump for obstruction of justice.

So, the very fact that the Russians provided any intel at all shows that the Russians have sold out the Trumps, because they were under absolutely no obligation to give up any info whatsoever, but they did…and that speaks volumes.

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