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It Appears Mueller May Have Flipped Another Key Witness in Trump-Russia Scandal

The latest in the ever-growing line of former associates of popular vote loser Donald Trump to indicate he may cut deal, throwing Trump under the bus, is former Campaign advisor Rick Gates. Technically, Gates would be flipping on his former business partner, Paul Manafort, but by extension, on Trump as well.

When Rick Gates was arrested, he used a public defender, which means he doesn’t have enough money to pay for a high-powered attorney. We know that because in order to get a public defender, you have to prove you can’t afford an attorney on your own, which requires you to submit documents proving you have no money.

Then, all of a sudden, Gates had a high-priced team of attorneys defending him. Considering he was broke, that’s rather odd, right? Who was paying for these lawyers? Someone clearly was, which makes things even more suspicious.

Then things get even more odd. Yesterday, the attorneys quit all of a sudden, according to reports.  This is yet another sign that Gates has decided to cut a deal with Mueller.

One explanation could be that whoever was paying for Gates’ high-priced attorneys has given up hope of convincing him not to flip for Robert Mueller.

Politico points out, “While Gates’ shift in legal strategy was a surprise, speculation had been mounting that the longtime GOP operative might be seeking to cooperate with the Mueller investigation. CNN reported last month that Gates had added Washington defense attorney Tom Green to his team, noting he’d been spotted at Mueller’s downtown office twice.”

Bill Palmer points out, “Rick Gates and Paul Manafort have a long history of financial interests together. It will be easy for Gates to provide enough evidence to send Manafort to prison for the rest of his life. If Manafort was still hoping to beat the charges with his own high-priced attorneys, that hope will now end. Manafort will cut a deal against Trump. Considering that Manafort and Trump have financial entanglements including a condo in Trump Tower, it should be easy for Manafort to incriminate Trump for money laundering . This is in addition to the obstruction of justice charges that Mueller is aggressively pursuing against Trump.”

Mueller may be preparing what will go down in history as the single most open-and-shut case of Obstruction of Justice of all time.

His slow, methodical, detailed approach may make us impatient, but it also may pay off spectacularly.

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